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Brand History

All the way from Switzerland, Swiss Club brings you the result of their endeavour of ages in collaboration with Centre de Recherches Biocosmétiques, an internationally renowned Swizz beauty bio-tech lab of more than half a century, joined by a league of elite scientists specialised in dermatology, biochemistry and medical aesthetics. Since 2001, Centre de Recherches Biocosmétiques has gone above and beyond. With the fusion of biochemistry and Molecular nanotechnology as well as meticulous gatekeeping testing time and time again, a collection of quality therapeutic skincare products is born.

Annual 1998

Chun Fat (HK) Beauty Limited, the parent company of Swiss Club, carried on their dedication to supplying beauty salon products of various categories to beauty product wholesalers, beauty salons and retailers all over Hong Kong.

Annual 2001

This year was the dawn of facial masks production and merchandising, Swiss Club has manufactured facial masks, eye masks and neck masks of more than 50 different types for their client. Hitting the market in the same period were the Swiss Face and the G'essential facial mask collections. 8 million pieces of Swiss Face facial masks have since been sold, up to 2013.

Annual 2001 - 2003

In collaboration with Centre de Recherches Biocosmétiques, a renowned skincare ingredient supplier in compliance with both G.M.P. and I.S.O. for the first time ever, Swiss Club provided their wholesale and retail clients ordering service of original Swiss ingredients and formulas as well as manufactured products on behalf of their clients.

Annual 2005

2005 marks the inception of Swiss Club's substantial expansion of their investment in Switzerland. As a result of their research and development on high-end beauty technology, Swiss Club began to manufacture beauty care products on the top-end. The first Swiss brand, coined Professionnel's, was found with the prime goal of marketing their Swiss products to professional beauty salons and medical aesthetic centres.

Annual 2007

Proudly made in Hong Kong with imported main ingredients from Switzerland and a Swiss formula, Dr. Solution's hair regeneration essence collection was launched in 2007.

Annual 2008

At the height of the immense popularity of the highly effective Dr. Solution's hair regeneration essence collection, Swiss Club released Dr. Solution's lash growth serum, a sister product.

Annual 2009

Derma Medream, another series of high-end and high-performance Swiss products made its debut. It was marketed primarily to medical aesthetic centres and professional beauty salons.

Annual 2011

Targeting young adults born in the 80s and the 90s, Swiss Advice, a new brand was founded in 2011 catering to the masses. A portion of the products were packaged and imported from Switzerland while others were packaged in Hong Kong and hit the shelves with an affordable price.

Annual 2013

2013 marks the establishment of the luxurious brand, Swissde. Characterized by products with cutting edge ingredients and functionalities in a classy package, they are primarily sold in top-end beauty spas as well as micro-invasive medical societies.

Brand Features

Honouring the noble Swiss tradition:
Swiss Club from Switzerland guarantees the quality of their beauty products with their pollution-free country of origin. The glacier-melt mineral water from the Alps high in minerals and dissolved oxygen functions as a perfect skin metabolism enhancer. Meanwhile, the soil in Switzerland with a unique composition is home to as many as 22 species of plants with medical properties, whose active ingredients after extraction function effectively as organ tissue repair agents.

Developed exclusively for Asian skins:
Unlike other brands, Swiss Club manufactures skincare products exclusively for Asian skins. Putting into calculation the distinct climates, skin types as well as the difference in beauty standards between the East and the West, Swiss Club studied Asian skins and their needs profusely in order to manufacture products that answer specifically to the concerns of our Asian customers.

Approvals & Certification

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